Interoperability, Sidechain technology and Smart Contract Molecular Ledger

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Chameleon is a next generation p2p transactional ledger. This scientific project is brought to you by the not-for-profit I/O Digital Foundation. Developing the I/O Coin Blockchain since 2014   Read more

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Chameleon a peer to peer ledger technology to replace all other electronic cash systems currently in use in the world

Chameleon Molecular Ledger

Volumes in the order of several million per day. The existing blockchain based ledger replication scheme per node will not scale in terms of data volume. The diagram is a logical depiction of how ledger data can be shared amongst nodes without the need to replicate the entire ledger and also that there is sufficient redundancy such that the ledger remains complete with a tolerance of nodes either disappearing or misbehaving. The form of ledger used in Chameleon is distributed with redundancy so that no single peer holds the entire ledger. Transactions are validated by multiple randomized graphs over the network. Given the statistical nature and thermodynamic parallels, the Chameleon ledger is termed "The Molecular Ledger".

A scalable distributed cryptographic
information and value transfer architecture

The I/O Coin Blockchain ecosystem extended with Chameleon


What we do

The world of Blockchains is growing fast. The need for interoperating with other private or open Blockchains is vital in creating a world wide Blockchain ecosystem. Each Blockchain focussing on their own strenghts.

The Chameleon molecular ledger will be the ultimate interface that has the ability to interconnect to other Blockchains around the world. Those Blockchains will be able to interchange the features they have. Chameleon will be standardizing connectivity, interoperability and will propose new standards in validating transactions and facilitate a lightning fast network throughput for global usage.


Please consult with the below FAQ before contacting the team.

  • Who are you?

    We are I/O Digital Foundation - I/O Digital is a non-profit Foundation that operates from the Netherlands that oversees and directs the development of the I/O Coin (IOC) Blockchain since 2014. More information about the board of directors and advisory board can be found on

    I/O Coin started in 2014 without premine and without ICO. IOC is a community driven and supported project. The I/O Digital Foundation is in the posession of a legal letter/opinion explaining IOC is not to be considered a security under current regulations and tests (like Munchee). IOC is at the forefront of Blockchain technology with features like 1 MB datastorage, decentralized Alias system, AES256 encrypted messaging system and shade payments. Our next project to expand the Blockchain ecosystem is project Chameleon that will focus on sidechain and interoperability.

  • Will there be an public ICO

    We are currently investigating the legal possibilities and will inform you when we made a final decision. The IOC incentive program will be executed. Read more about that further in the FAQ.

  • Will Chameleon have an own cryptocurrency?

    Yes, Chameleon will have its own cryptocurrency called CHAM.

  • I am IOC holder, do i benefit? / What is the IOC incentive program?

    If you hold IOC you will receive 2 CHAM for free for every 1 IOC you hold at snapshot time. Exact information (how, when, what, where to keep your IOC, do exchanges support it) will be released when available. Secondly any IOC holder that is staking its coins will also be able to participate in the validation of CHAM transactions. The more IOC you hold and the longer you stake, the higher CHAM network weight you will receive. We will introduce a Tier model for transaction validators. The higher the Tier, the higher the reward. Follow us on our social channels to keep informed or subscribe to our newsletter.

  • Where can i buy I/O Coin?

    If you are interested in buying I/O Coin (IOC) you can do so at Bittrex, QIEX or through

  • Will there still be active development for I/O Coin

    Yes. Chameleon is part of the I/O Digital Foundation. So is IOC Blockchain. Everything we create will be created on top or alongside of the IOC Blockchain to make IOC Blockchain ecosystem more usable and important. Chameleon will make the "entry point" for IOC even more accessible.

  • I am a developer. Can i help?

    Yes. Chameleon will be Open Source, so you can contribute in our Github. For larger contributions to the Chameleon framework, the I/O Digital Foundation will introduce a Developer Program to support development and innovation. Follow us on our social channels to keep informed about the developer program or subscribe to our newsletter.

  • How can i reach the team?

    We have a Telegram group especially for the Chameleon project. Also a Twitter account. Check the links below the FAQ. You can also use the contact form below.

  • Will there be a private pre-sale?

    You can contact to inform if there is one or contact us through the contactform below.

  • Can you send me a notification when the ICO is planned?

    Follow us on our social channels to keep informed or subscribe to our newsletter.

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Chameleon is an Open Source scientific project. CHAM is a utility cryptocurrency, NOT a security or investment offering. CHAM is simply a coin useful for paying transaction fees, building or purchasing decentralized application services on the Chameleon or any integrated platform. It does not give you voting rights over anything, and we make no guarantees of its future value.